Al jhood follows various scientific methods in evaluating the training process depending on the nature of each training activity (course, diploma, workshop, forum, mini master as well as (public, customized, or professional certificate) as follows:

First Step

Methodology of calculating the value-added knowledge, which the trainee achieves in two, written assessment (pre and post). The added value is calculated by the following formula

Second Step

The method of evaluating the trainee's knowledge level in training activities through post evaluation adoption as it is the result that the trainee achieved after his attendance and studying the program.

Third Step

Evaluation of Professional Certification: Aljhood experts select several graduation projects in order to implement them in groups and teams at the end of the program and then submit them for specialist evaluation, prducing a result of 100%.

Fourth Step

Evaluating Training by Trainee Method: as the trainee is part of the training process and due to quality requirements, Aljhood is committed to considering the trainee's opinions in the process using evaluation forms, with which the trainee evaluates three aspects (Training Approach, Expert Trainer, & Logistical Services). We have also put variables for each aspect (KPI'S & Weights).

Fifth Step

Training Report of Targeted Training Activities: according to quality requirements and serve our customers by measuring investment returns, Al Jhood offers full reports ten days upon training completion which include the following:

  1. Accomplished institutional value.
  2. Trainers recommendations of trainees needs for future development.
  3. Trainee assessments results ( Pre and Post ) digital summary by percentage for the trainee level.
  4. A copy of the training material ( Soft Copy ) and areas of improvements for trainees.
  5. Summary of training events, attendance records and any related issues.