Training Maintenance System (TMS)

Training is one of the vital activities in human resource management that aims to qualify the human resources and improve their employability skills, so that they will be able to perform their duties effectively at all levels and in all fields.


The training process has certain significance, because it comprises combined efforts of various specializations, so there must be general rules and special standards through which the quality of training programs can be assessed to meet the requirements of international quality standards.


The idea of the quality of training (Training Maintenance System ) has emerged through systematic follow-up aiming to achieve the training objectives and outcomes that have been gained during the training process with the expert (the trainer ) and make sure that the skills have been applied successfully at work and reflected significantly on performance.


From the stand point of Aljhood keenness to transfer profound knowledge and expertise to the trainees through Its various training activities and to provide them with the necessary skills to perform their duties effectively, and also because Aljhood believes in the Rule says: “training continues after the training " it opened channels for the clients to communicate with the experts.

The idea of Training Maintenance System (TMS) means that after completion of the special training activity, the opportunity is given to the trainees to communicate with the expert within (90) days of implementing the training program to interact and discuss the problems they encounter in applying what they have acquired during the training program or to answer some inquires they may have in this regard.

This system works on the follow-up of the trainee to find out the added value and its impact on his performance at work environment for the institutional benefit.