Professional Diploma:

Al jhood grants diploma training for participants in different majors, depending on below conditions:


Training activities should be conducted by Aljhood. Any other training activities which have been attended outside ALJHOOd’s curriculum will not be considered.  ALJHOOD will not transfer outside credit hours.


Aljhood will calculate the participant's accumulated training hours, determine time needed to earn a certificate, and provide the participant with periodic reports.


The candidate must participate in training programs eligible for a training diploma in accordance with available programs listed in Al jhood’s Training Profile 2015 as first applied by ALJHOOD. The candidate may choose a group of training activities through the annual training plan.


The participant has to complete the requirements of training diploma and training hours to attain the diploma. The participant's hours of training activities is considered to be 25 credit hours per week.


Aljhood reserves the right to evaluate completed training activities whether they were domestic, tailored, or within the training plan. The participant will be notified of the result.


Aljhood issues training diplomas accredited by academic institutions and vocational schools, if the participant fulfills required hours to obtain the diploma.


The participant must complete the requirements for obtaining a training diploma within a period of no more than three years from the date of commencing the first training activity (the diploma system has been applied since 1/1/2010), and if the duration exceeds three years the participant shall be subjected to extra remedial hours.