In 2000, a host of youths who believe in entrepreneurship gathered their efforts to make a success. They worked hard a round the clock to materialize the hopes and ambitions and make an Arab edifice for knowledge, an edifice having a presence between the consultation and training firms in the advanced countries. As part of their believe that the success is the only option, they benchmarked the local and regional markets; promoted the success concept; and worked as partners with their customers to gain their confidence and foster their trust in the ALJHOOD Group as an Arab experience think-tank. This would not happen without teamwork of more than 52 employees and about 173 experts and consultants in various economic and social disciplines.


Over fifteen years of giving, ALJHOOD march excelled and achieved more successes. The professional partnerships and international accreditations from international accreditation bodies and the successful transfer of experience were behind the confidence of our customers where we committed ourselves to the modernization, complied with the professionalism, and worked as partners. ALJHOOD progress and expansion have no borders because the continuous innovation is our ambition. The borders didn’t deter us from progressing and expanding; the whole Arab World is our borders. ALJHOOD now has eight branches spreading in about forty five cities worldwide equipped with a qualified teamwork that sanctifies its mission and adheres to its parameters as a business principle. ALJHOOD would not be a think tank without the ongoing efforts over its past years.