Pre-Opening for ALJHOOD on 1998, by group of high qualified, talented, and ambitious employees. In 2000 , the new millennium, ALJHOOD was launching as a new star in Training and consulting sector.
In 2000, ALJHOOD issued its first Profile with Annual training plan to meet the needs of customers and market.
ALJHOOD launched the first campaign for volunteering work, which is one of ALJHOOD substrates to activate the social responsibility by training a large group of Palestinian refugees to develop their skills in computers and the English language.
In 2003, ALJHOOD had expansion their work and celebrate the establishment of the first overseas branch in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Now we all proud that ALJOHHD still leading the training market in Sudan.
In 2005 ALJHOOD had joint the international accreditation word by being member with ILM (the British leadership and management Institute ILM) and the American Society of Human Resources HRCI. This membership is to attest and accredit our training program and certificates.
In 2005, ALJHOOD held the first Arabic conference under the title of “Smart management of human resources “with more than 150 participants from eight Arabic countries.
In 2007, ALJHOOD was being one of Arab house of experts in Consultations and Development sector. ALJHOOD started it first consultation project “Organizational restructuring” for one of Arab companies operating in the telecommunications sector.
In 2008, ALJHOOD Established new offices to be the new headquarters in Amman, the capital of Jordan, to provide their services for branches and offices and partnerships in eight Arab countries.
In 2010- 2015 ALJHOOD attracting a new group of experts, instructors, trainers, and consultants. This to build ALJHOOD strategic plan 2010-2015 and to set new slogan to lead the strategy towards the achievement.
At the end 2010 ALJHOOD made a celebration in the occasion of training around 25 thousand trainees from Jordan and Arab institutions from the public and private sectors.
ALJHOOD developed its policies and models of its work to achieve the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9000.